Welcome Ziandra's Place

So, who is Ziandra?

Ziandra is one of the names I use for characters I use on online games. I made up the name with a midevil name generating program I found on a web site somewhere about 8 years ago when Mystic Adventures did a pwipe and declared that my old name was no longer acceptable. I have been playing online multiplayer games since about 1995 and have been involved in building online communities since 1978.

You can occasionally find Ziandra playing on Mystic Adventures mud.

And, WHAT is Ziandra?

Ziandra is always a female spell caster of one form of another.

On Mystic Adventures, Ziandra is a level 100+ Angelic Ogre Mage Mage

On Dark Age of Camelot Ziandra was a level 50 kobold shaman. You can read her growing mouldy daoc notes if you like. I gave up on DAOC due to the absolute worst customer support I have ever experienced.

On World of Warcraft, Ziandra was a mage. I removed her her growing mouldy World of Warcraft notes since they were irrevelant.

Ziandra was a gnome mage on Rubies of Eventide. That was a fun game before it closed shop.

I maintain a small forum for my game friends to chat, mostly about the different games.


And now you know.