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Ziandra is a Shaman in the game Dark Age of Camelot. She was initially speced primarily in cave magic, secondarily in mending and what little is left over in augmentation. She later spec'ed 47 aug and the rest in mend. The cave spec worked well for large scale combat that the servers were incapable of supporting. The aug spec worked much better in small 8v8 combat. She was also an LGM armorcrafter, a sideline that takes more time than leveling and drives where she levels in search of gold. Armorcrafters may find Ziandra's Armorcrafting notes interesting. Finally, Ziandra has skilled both Weapon Craft and Tailoring to just over 500 so can self craft most siege components. This is more useful for filling vaults than it is during sieges when Bled has falen but is a usefull skill none the less. This skill was made useless by the introduction of siege merchants for personal / guild houses.

Mythic released new patterns in all material grades in the 1.60 patch. Cloth armor is Enkindled Cloth and can be found on Pyro's in Musp (level 36-42). Chain can be found on Varu lords (level high 40's) and Varu bodyguards.

I did find some interested studded in Muspelheim, but I don't think it is unique. Acid Etched looks very similar different to standard svarskodd based on the one piece I have obtained so far so I do not believe it to be a new pattern.

A list of items purchasable from the merchants on the midgard side of darkness falls can be found at Masterofdragons and is shamelessly mirrorerd here. Other unique items can be found on my Items Page.

Trophies, trophics, trophies! Gotta collect them all. No, not pokemon, trophies. Check out my trophy notes for more on where to get the reamins and what they look like.

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