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Tailoring Skill Notes

These notes record my tests to attempt to determine the skill level of the various grades of material. I will make one boot of all the grades at various skill levels and record the initial chance, initial quality (if succeeded). This seems to be showing a pattern that will hopefully fillout

Tests at 102 tailoring skill

Cotton cloth100%/109q, 98%,111q
Heavy Cotton cloth100%/100q, 97%,104q
Linen cloth100%/89q, 91q, 92q, 93q
Heavy Linen cloth100%/77q,,84q, 89q, 94q
Silk cloth20%/fail
Heavy Silk cloth 

Tests at 127 tailoring skill

Cotton cloth100%/119q, 122q, 125q
Heavy Cotton cloth100%/110q, 111q, 114q
Linen cloth100%/100q, 105q, 111q, 112q
Heavy Linen cloth100%/90q
Silk cloth54%/75q, 76q
Heavy Silk cloth 

The first two test suggest that cotton cloth, heavy cotton cloth, linen cloth and heavy linen cloth are all 25 skill points apart.

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